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Lawyer (qualified in Jamaica) If you're planning to sit the OSCE- you NEED to sign up with Preptackle! It's honestly a student’s dream come true. I cannot overstate how good this course is, the notes are precise and to the point and the sessions reinforce the topics with fun games. The preparation for OSCE is no joke but with this course it becomes much more manageable as opposed to 'starting from scratch' and reading all the books etc. If you follow the timetable and keep on track with the sessions and *most importantly* - prepare for them in advance you will be in good stead for the exam. I passed the OSCE on my first attempt and have no regrets with Preptackle, it’s well worth it! Nov 7, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Kyrgyzstan) Preptackle provided me with a deep understanding of the assessments, which allowed me to critically focus my efforts on what I needed to do to pass the exams. Aug 24, 2020


Lawyer (qualified in Egypt) Preptackle's sessions literally shifted my success chances from "slim" to "major". Before knowing about Preptackle, I mainly relied on reading the OUP books and taking other side courses to boost my practical skills (interview & advocacy/presentation mocks), however, I still felt there was something missing. I struggled at the time to find a course provider who can maintain clear understanding of the subjects and provide notes which are not dense & all over the place, that was until I attended the first Study-in-Context session with Preptackle tutor and received her notes. Preptackle's notes are straight to the point and serve such purpose fluently. Preptackle simply knows what you should concentrate on and helps you set aside the many small things that may confuse you, while concentrating on what actually can get you to pass the exam. Preptackle's Tips & Tricks sessions are a hidden gem for anyone who wants to know how to adapt themselves to exam conditions. I can confidently say that I most probably wouldn't have passed my exams with such high scores without Preptackle. For anyone who is thinking of sitting the OSCE exams and looking for a course provider, don't look twice; Preptackle is your way to go (PS. I sat for OSCE exams in Nov. 2019 and passed with almost 100% in several subjects. I am now formally admitted as a Solicitor. May 12, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Greece) Preptackle was almost the only source I used to prepare for OSCE, and as I took the exam only 3 months after the MCT, it was the key to my success. The online sessions were great, comprehensive and interactive, and they keep you studying and having a schedule, as each time you need to prepare yourself in order to participate. There are interactive game-tests too and room to ask questions or clarifications over anything. OSCE is an exam with very broad material that can be, and it is endless. Preptackle has filtered all the knowledge you have to acquire in order to pass this exam and has highlighted all the key areas you need to focus on. The notes given at the end of each session are a treasure. I only studied these for the exam, even though I had to learn them by heart. I only opened OUP books once or twice when I needed more clarifications, even though I bought them with the intention to study from there. Lastly, the tutor is a gem and very supportive through the entire process; the psychological boost is also of great importance! I definitely recommend Preptackle for OSCE preparation! Mar 23, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Colombia) I worked full time while preparing for the OSCE with Preptackle. I passed my exams, and I believe this was mainly because of being part of Preptackle community. (Suddenly it wasn't just me with materials and books but other people also preparing, studying, which motivated me) I highly recommend you see for yourself with one session. You will be so taken that you will want to do all of them. You will need to put the hours and be disciplined; this is a must! but in my opinion, what you pay for is having a timetable to follow, to help you to organise yourself. You should/ must prepare before the sessions in order to get the best out of them, by doing so you are working under a deadline which will make you work harder to cover many areas. (In my experience the areas covered were spot on). In the sessions, you can measure your understanding of subjects and hopefully make a link about what you have studied and what is discussed. Then you're given amazing summaries which are to the point. Do read and study the summaries as soon as possible after the sessions to carry on the momentum... The skill sessions are also very helpful! Good luck, everyone!!! And; A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO PREPTACKLE ONCE AGAIN!!! keep up the excellent work! :). Mar 15, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in New York) I have successfully passed OSCE thanks to Preptackle. Preptackle was incredibly helpful in every possible way: (1) the curriculum, schedule and fee were all efficiently and flexibly organised for those who had to study while working full-time; (2) the teaching methods were so creative and effective and helped me quickly understand and memorize key legal concepts; (3) the hands-on tips and coaching along the preparation period equipped me well for the exam; (4) last but not least, the summary notes provided by Preptackle were golden. I learned them by heart. Thanks to Preptackle, I knew what to expect in the exam and how to deal with it with confidence. Mar 14, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in South Africa) Finally, the OSCE results were released, and I'm delighted to say that I passed! Having used Preptackle to prepare for the daunting task of the OSCE, I can only endorse the earlier testimonials as to how beneficial the Preptackle notes, sessions and study-plans are. Preptackle achieves the balance between being concise and comprehensive, and I would certainly recommend anyone undertaking the OSCE to make full use of Preptackle! Mar 12, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Singapore) I signed up for all of Preptackle sessions on the exam preparation, tips and tricks. The online sessions were very concise, informative, and relevant. They were easy to digest and allowed me to compartmentalise the subjects and papers, so it was easier for me to learn. The tutor also used her own experiences with the exam to teach us what to do and what not to do. She even included helpful bits of information on the practical aspects of being at the venue so we would be less nervous! I definitely recommend her tips and tricks sessions to anyone nervous about the OSCE! I would definitely say that Preptackle sessions were a key part of getting my pass! Mar 11, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in India) I passed the OSCE with 76%, and it wouldn't have been possible without Preptackle and its awesome sessions/notes and tips. The sessions really helped me kickstart the preparation from an early stage and not procrastinate. Starting early with Preptackle classes were the right impetus needed. Further, the interactive sessions (on chat) and quizzes made the sessions a lot of fun. The notes (especially the cheat sheets) were concise and a lifesaver for last-minute reading and revisions. They cover all the areas, and a read of the different chapters definitely helped me since the questions in OSCE Part 1 were tricky and out of the box. These were also very helpful for letter writing and research. Lastly, the research tips and sources were priceless to find the right resource in time crunch! Mar 9, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Malaysia) Preptackle was amazing and played a key role in my passing of the OSCE. The material and explanation provided helped summarised the information you learn in the textbooks in a practical, solution-friendly manner expected of candidates in the exams. It made it so much easier to reproduce what you have learned, memorised in an impactful manner. Mar 10, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Nigeria) I can't recommend Preptackle enough. The sessions and materials are streamlined and structured and are all you need to pass the exams. I personally didn't sign up to any other course provider. The tutor is responsive, and her sessions are great and quite explanatory in a simple, easy to understand manner. The materials take out all extraneous stuff and keep all you need to pass the OSCE at the first attempt. I would definitely recommend Preptackle sessions and materials for OSCE candidates. They get 5 stars from me!  Mar 9, 2020

Lawyer (qualified in Nigeria) I will have to be honest with everyone seeking to take this exam. Preptackle is what you need. Please don't waste valuable time stuffing your brain with so much information that may confuse you in the exams. Be very wary of the "big books”. Preptackle context is tailor made to prepare you 100% for the exams. The tutor is just perfect! I wish someone told me this! Dec 19, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in Russia) I had a pleasure to study with Preptackle on both: subject matters (probate) and skills sessions (research, interview and oral presentation / advocacy). I have passed OSCE and I am sure that study with Preptackle was a significant contribution to the success. I would like to share my thoughts on the experience of study with Preptackle. By the moment I attended the probate session with Preptackle I have read probate part of OUP books and, in general, was already well aware of the material. Nevertheless, the session was extremely helpful. It confirmed my understanding of the overall concept and brought my attention to some details which I did not notice before that. The sessions with Preptackle assisted me in developing / polishing my own algorithm of actions. I was stressed at the exam but I knew the steps which I should have done and it worked. Sep 21, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in Russia) Preptackle sessions were remarkable for two aspects. The first one is that the session motivated me to increase practice time in reading / practice ratio. The second point is that those details (which were discussed at the session) proved to be extremely relevant for the actual exam questions. The skills sessions were also concise, relevant and helpful. I would specifically comment on research session. Despite the sessions took place just about 2 weeks before the exam and so I had already my own plan for research, the session was so convincing that I decided to reshape my algorithm of research and run it in stages using both databases. Besides, the research session referred to a number of books with precedents. It assisted a lot at the drafting part of the exam. Last but not least: I think that an ability to pass this exam depends on your ability to cope with huge stress. Sep 21, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in India) Coming from a jurisdiction where exams are more theoretical, the entire structure of OSCE was extremely daunting. Preptackle was the only one who was able to present a clear picture of 'what to expect' and 'how to approach'. Preptackle simplified the entire process and provided some practical tips which were incredible hacks for the exam. I strongly recommend everyone to use Preptackle - the surest way to clear QLTS! Sep 6, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in Ghana) Preptackle was an invaluable resource in my revision for the OSCE. The handouts and tutorial were exceptional. In the tutorials, Preptackle taught us what to expect on the day in detail and that took a lot of anxiety away from what is no doubt a very difficult exam which should not be underestimated. Without the help of Preptackle I doubt I would have passed! Sep 4, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in Colombia) Preptackle has motivated me to study. The way that Preptackle simplifies subjects gave me hope and really made me believe that passing the OSCE exam first attempt is possible! I am not going to lie, you will have to study hard, but being part of a community and having a hands-on lead from Preptackle really helps. I work full time and it is difficult to prioritise my studies with a demanding job, but having “deadlines” put by Preptackle sessions has pushed me in the right direction. Preptackle material are to the point, they are great. I fully recommend Preptackle. Aug 1, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in South Africa) Preptackle is exceptional. It is tailor-made for the OSCE, and in my opinion, it does not compromise on the quality of legal knowledge and skills training. I have always felt that Preptackle sessions have been completely worth the time and the money. I would certainly recommend Preptackle to others! Aug 1, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in Greece) The most common question after passing MCT is: 'How do I read for OSCE now?'. Most candidates feel disappointed with the preparation for this practical assessment because reading the books is not enough. Preptackle helps candidates understand the structure of this assessment and prepare them right from the beginning with its practical sessions, especially on research. Preptackle gets you right to the point! Jul 31, 2019

Lawyer (qualified in Nigeria) Preptackle helps to study for OSCE in the simplest and most relatable way. I think Preptackle is exceptional and I would definitely recommend it to others. July 30, 2019

​​         Our objective is to simplify things and cut through the noise to focus on what’s important to help candidates to become well-prepared to pass the final stage of the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme, OSCE. Let’s Talk Points! Based on candidates-reported results, 80% of candidates who prepared with Preptackle have passed.


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