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SQE2 Survival Session: Property Drafting

Doesn’t every SQE2 candidate deserve clear guidance and the right resources to prepare well for the property drafting assessment?

Have you ever worried about completing Land Registry Transfer Forms, or drafting indemnities, covenants and easements? Do you feel lost in the details? Is this making it hard to organise your thoughts? Do you wish you had a clear formula to clear your mind and a toolkit full of useful examples? Many SQE2 candidates struggle with the same questions and find it tough to complete their drafting within the tight exam timeframe, especially when it comes to tricky areas like property.

We get it—the pressure is real. We understand your doubts and frustrations all too well. We’re here to mentor you, offering guidance tailored specifically for SQE2 candidates like you.

Clear guidance for drafting typical panels found on Transfer Forms

Simple thought mapping technique

that you could

easily follow


Precedents Toolkit

full of useful


Tips & methods 

that have proven successful in past

SQE2 exams

Are you ready to conquer SQE2 with the skills and confidence you need for property drafting?

We've helped many candidates [like you] master drafting Land Registry Transfer Forms and related provisions with ease, confidence and precision.

Limited slots are available!

Unlock and Conquer the SQE2 with Our Exclusive Property Drafting Session on 19th October 2023 at 6 PM (BST) 

We’ve a clear plan to prepare youThis is how it works:



We're going to dive into pragmatic and clear guidance for drafting typical panels found on the Land Registry Transfer Forms using Form TP1 for demonstration purposes.



We will help you turn instructions and facts into clear, actionable items, using a simple thought mapping technique,  to determine the provisions that need to be included.



Afterwards, we're going to send you a unique set of material, incl. the case study, 'Panel-by-Panel' guidance, and precedents for commonly used provisions (e.g., easements, covenants, etc.)


  • Price: £63

  • Payment: Payment is made online using the form below. You can check out with your PayPal account OR as a guest using a card (accepts all major credit cards).

  • Risk-free guaranteeBecause we care and we're confident you'll love Preptackle, we're offering a risk-free guarantee. If you're not satisfied, let us know within 24 hours after the session and we'll refund you!


  • Delivered online via CiscWebEx.

  • You’ll receive the joining link by email on the day of the session.

  • ​The session is approx. 3 hours.​​​

  • You’ll need a computer with fast internet connection.​​​

  Here's why you should sign up

  • Straight to the point - No fluff! 

  • Simply put, tips you can't miss! We'll go over how to complete the Land Registry Transfer Forms, as well as tips to help you turn instructions and facts into actionable items.

  • Very ​​special handouts. You’ll receive material, which includes: the case study (mock), guidance on the thought mapping process, sample checklist showing how we applied the process to the case study, 'Panel-by-Panel' guidance, and a sample completed form based on the case study, as well as precedents for commonly used provisions such as modification to title guarantee, easements, covenants, and more.​​

  • We'll be live, so you can ask questions and interact.

  • Flexible (online) and affordable.


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SQE2 Survival Session: Property Drafting (£63) - Registration Form

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