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Solicitors Qualifying Examination 


What We Do

The Study-in-Context Series wraps up each subject in 3 live sessions. They’re about the law, but they’re structured in such a way so that you can learn the law with a practical, pragmatic approach that’s compatible with how you’ll be examined. Our flipped-classroom approach encourages active learning, deeper understanding and greater retention.

In the Tips & Tricks Series, you will learn skills, tips and strategies that will help you score more marks and gain more confidence. They include explanations of how your assessments will be marked, what structures and methods to use when approaching the various assessments, along with tools, scripts and techniques to help you do better. 

Exam-style mocks. Each mock test has been prepared for self-assessment to reflect the exam style and accompanied by a sample answer paper and tips. Here, you are not only made aware of the test pattern but are also made to experience the strategies for tackling the actual test.

To make memorisation easier, people have come up with all kinds of systems and techniques. One of the most powerful systems is flashcards. Preptackle Flashcards cover critical points of law presented in an easy to learn format. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

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