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Roll up your sleeves and get ready!

Are you feeling stressed about exams? You're not alone! We will be running a Business 'Survival' Workshop on 21th November 2021, 2PM to 6PM (GMT), provided minimum participants reached by 20th November (Booking Deadline).

Looking for some insight into what to expect?

Final revision! The Workshop will focus on dealing with various business issues that are likely to appear in the exam. Interactive, hands-on learning is what this Workshop is all about!

​​Price: £60

Got Questions?

Email us​​


  • The Workshop is conducted online via WebEx.

  • You’ll need to use Webex Desktop App (here)

  • You’ll need a computer with fast internet

  • The joining link will be emailed to you on the same day of the Workshop. 

We hate saying it, but we have to! 

This Workshop is outside of the normal schedule in response to repeated requests. If we don’t reach the minimum number of subscribers before the Booking Deadline, the Workshop will be cancelled, and you’ll get your money back. Sorry for being blunt, but we must!

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